Vinyl Printing

Product Details:

Vinyl Printing And Design is all about heat transfer. We use a machine to cut out letters and designs from coloured vinyl and heat press them onto the t-shirt, mugs or for your window to transfer the colour or designs to it vinyl printing and design is usually used for branding or for advertising your business there are a lot of types of vinyl printing and design but the most common and decent vinyl is matt vinyl which is is very classic to apply on anything it can be your car it can be the back of your laptop it can be your phone etc we can print glitter vinyl and glitter vinyl lets you create easily removable glitter decals, labels and more for your different projects with glamour another type of vinyl printing is a heat press vinyl and it is used to print on fabrics and different types of materials its come in a roll or sheets form with an adhesive backing so it can be cut and placed on your projects, by applying heat on it this is what heat vinyl printing is also we make the best holographic vinyl in town there is another type of vinyl print matt metallic sign vinyl has a shiny, reflective surface that gives an eye-catching chrome- like appearance, making your signs look smooth, slick, and professional. Providing a shiny, reflective, and chrome-like appearance, metallic vinyl can be the perfect option for creating your perfect eye-catching signs. There is another type of vinyl which is wood effect vinyl which looks like a real wooden thingy which looks classic and can be a good choice to advertise you are the business we have glow in the dark vinyl in different kinds of neon colours and which looks super cool in the darkness when the light goes dim it starts to glow this vinyl is good for decorating your home or restaurant and we have the silver leaf vinyl which is also shiny foil vinyl which is eye-catching and looks too good